Real-time segmentation using ESPNetv2 on an iPhone

ESPNetv2 is a light-weight, fast, and power-efficient network that extends ESPNet and generalizes it accross several tasks, including language modeling. Below video demonstrates ESPNetv2's performance on iPhone.


Semantic segmentation using ESPNet

ESPNet is the state-of-the-art light-weight, fast, and power-efficient semantic segmentation network. Below video demonstrates segmentation performance of the ESPNet on the Cityscapes dataset.


Iconary: An AI powered drawing and guessing game

AI2’s “Iconary” game partners a human player with the AllenAI artificial intelligence in a Pictionary-like game where one player must use a limited set of icons to compose a picture representing a phrase, and the other player must attempt to guess the phrase. The AllenAI player combines advanced computer vision, language understanding, and common sense reasoning to make guesses based on the human player’s drawing, as well as to produce its own complex scenes for the human player to guess. Below video demonstrates Iconary.